Robert Broughton


Seascapes: Spaciousness


‘Fling me across the fabric of time and the seas of space.
Make me nothing and from nothing-everything.’



The constant presentation of images and forms around us conform to what we pay attention to; what draws our attention to them tells us something of our mind. Our consciousness seems to reach out and seamlessly mingle in a constant play between the self and the incredible depths of space it moves through.

The photographer deals only in space and in the beginning appears to be in struggle with its vastness. The eye desires the contemplative forms revealed and the photograph is an attempt at distilling a vision.

Wherein lies the difference between the seen and the photograph? This struggle between the two reveals the essence of what it means to compose an image. When the composition is made, we find there a lack of separation, of boundaries, between consciousness and space as the photograph evolves and reveals something about how we see.  The image intertwined in a unique vision that doesn’t merely copy, but presents, the relationship between the photographer’s nature and nature herself. It is in this space that we find, nothing of ourself and all of ourself, a wholeness without boundaries where consciousness and space become one.  


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