Robert Broughton


Mountain: Silent Stillness

The Napes, Great Gable


‘I have felt a presence that disturbs me with the joy of elevated thoughts;
a sense sublime of something far more deeply interfused’

 William Wordsworth


The silence is visceral amongst the mountains. Towering, imposing yet still, the mountain sits silent with an aged visage unknown to man. One can climb a mountain but never conquer a mountain. Up in the mountains, with the great expanse of the rock amongst the heavens, my smallness is thrown up to the peaks with feelings of awe and wonder.

There is a humbling truth to the mountain. After the echoes of the self have faded out of the valley, one is left alone. In the silent and the still, unmoving, rocky faces that stand stolid to the passing of time, our short span of life is brought home into our hearts.

It is in this silence, this place that deigns not to give any answers, that the monkey in our mind is brought to rest. Consumed by the silent wisdom of the mountains, I do not long to understand but to reverence your grounds.


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