Robert Broughton


Mountains Portfolio: Silent Stillness

06. Himalayas VI

In amongst the mountains, I am just part of the great expanse where consciousness meets phenomena in an experience of wonder and awe.

Transcending language, deep stillness and silence hold their mirror to our unessential ego, teaching us profound truth about our very being.

The fierce truth of the mountain a constant reminder of life’s fragility; its humbling silence heals the soul. The freshness of the mountain’s rarefied air quells the fire that rages within the lungs and encourages us to gracefully respect the mountains sacred presence.

Mountain, in whose presence I stand, to stand in your reverence is to be in silent stillness itself.

01. Guiding Light
02. Himalayas II
03. Himalayas III
04. Himalayas IV
05. Himalayas V
06. Himalayas VI
07. Formation
08. Foreboding I
09. Mountain Kings
11. The Clearing
12. Himalayas XII
13. Midnight in Khare II
14. Midnight in Khare I

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