Robert Broughton


Expression: the Spirit of Life


‘I see everywhere in nature, for example in the trees, the capacity for expression and,
so to speak, a soul’

Vincent Van Gogh, 1853 – 1890

What is of this world that does not express something?

The shore in continuous motion, the bird in flight, the wind as it whispers through the trees. The more we can let go and simply be does expression present itself; the more willing we are to inhabit experience itself and let go of finding reason for appearances, the more life’s flowing dance appears to us.

Expression is a force that needs space and time. If, within ourselves we harbour a spacious presence, then expressive gestures, motions, fill us. Nature grants us the vast expression of spaciousness wherein all is done accordingly. We need not detain nature to understand this expressive quality, but merely pass through, kissing the joy as it flows, to realise the expressive quality all around us.

The essence of expression is the motion of life; the ability to express reminds us we are as much as the falling leaves, the chorus of birds at dawn, and the slow swell of waves resting on the shoreline.

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