Robert Broughton


Project: Evolution Entreaty

Through the eons of time and from the unimaginable vast emptiness of space, life’s gift has emerged and evolved into the world we see around us today.

Each of us depends on the prior conditions and factors that have come together, as well as the reciprocal and sustaining connection between all. Hence, acknowledging our interconnectedness is to recognise life itself.

On humankind’s timeline, we are at a critical cusp as we witness the constant struggle to evolve whilst holding awareness of our capacity to self-destruct. More than ever before, this is a time that requires humanity to move beyond the aggressive survival modality of our predecessors.

For humanity to achieve sustainable life, we each need to cultivate our higher consciousness and emotional potentials so that we may see and heal our long-standing wounds with greater equanimity and compassion.

For the planet and all its living beings to evolve sustainably, we must evolve first: to live with compassion, wisdom, integrity, openness, moral decency and commitment towards the common good. We must be the change we seek if we are to effectively inspire and empower human beings to live better together than we can individually.

Therefore, it is within our human hearts and conscious minds that the dedicated work of sustainable evolution starts. As we embrace greater wisdom and compassion, our inner healing and ability to be at peace within ourselves pave the way for real human transformation.

As human beings, we are the conscious and dynamic link to one another and the planet. Only through the evolution of our wisdom and compassion will humankind be sustainable and able to leave a worthy legacy for our children’s children.

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